Since the oldest times, the melting of glass to produce articles has aroused interest on the part of many people. The Crystal Glass Factory "Violetta" S.A. in Stronie ¦l±skie, founded in 1864, is a firm with over a century-long tradition and history. During this period, the factory has systematically improved its technology,  precision  and  quality  of  its  products. All to offer to its customers a variety of attractive forms and new models.
"Violetta" articles are present at markets of many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, England, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Ireland and Germany.

The "Violetta" Crystal Glass Factory is the biggest manufacturer of crystal glassware in Poland. It accepts both collective and individual orders, meeting taste and needs of a customer.

       It offers glassware manufactured by:
- blowing hand cut,
- pressing,
- free formed.


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